Acid attack survivor hopes ex-girlfriend 'burns in hell' after suffering severe injuries

Daniel Rotariu explained that one night, his former girlfriend poured sulphuric acid over him, leaving him blind in at least one eye, as well as severely damaging his skin. 

“My life is never going to be like it was before,” Daniel told the GMB team. “Attackers change your life so it’s like you get a life sentence, so they should too. 

“My mother doesn’t know. My dad told her I had a work accident and she doesn’t know how bad it was and she hasn’t seen me,” he confessed. 

Daniel’s former lover received a life-sentence for her crime, with a minimum of 17 years on account of grievous bodily harm. 

However, the 56-year-old presenter explained that there should be a different charge for acid attack crimes. 

Piers said: “Frankly, you chuck acid at somebody and you’re chucking your key away. If you ruin someone’s life, your life will be ruined. 

“You’ve got to make it such a deterrent that no one thinks they can go to a hardware store and chuck acid in someone’s face, “he added. 

Piers then asked the survivor how he felt about his girlfriend today and Daniel was steely in his response. 

He said: “I don’t know you just have to go through all these difficult things. 

“She’s going to burn in hell I think, she doesn’t have a soul and I have no feelings for her,” Daniel confessed. 

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