Angela Rippon, 72, breaks silence on RETIREMENT: ‘I’ve done enough shows about age…’

The broadcaster, who turned 72 in October, has asked: “Why would I think about retiring?” as she continues to makes between 60 and 70 programmes for the BBC a year.

Speaking exclusively to, the presenter admitted that she was having “too much fun” to think about leaving work behind, and having made shows about growing older, knows it’s not the thing for her.

When asked if retirement was on the cards, Angela commented: “While people go on asking me to make programmes, I’ll go on making them.”

The journalist continued: “I’ve done enough programmes about age and if you want to live a long, happy and healthy life, the answer is to keep your mind and body active and working.

“People retire and do lots of things, take up golf or travelling, in my case, when I reached 60, I was still being asked to make programmes.”

Angela, who claimed she was too busy enjoying shooting favourites like Rip Off Britain to think about quitting, went on to discuss what was in the pipeline.

On whether there was anything she was still desperate to do in the television world, the star remained vague.

Angela, who was recently awarded a CBE, added: “I guess, keep on doing it because I love it so much.

“I’ve been privileged to do lots of different things and the majority with a news basis to them – that’s how I started out. I’ve just been very fortunate and done all sorts of programmes.”

The ninth series of Rip Off Britain is available now on iPlayer.



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