Benwell church vandal attack shuts food bank

Hundreds of people could go hungry after vandals caused major damage to a church food bank.

Church of the Venerable Bede in West Road, Benwell, has closed after a fire extinguisher was used to smash its windows and damage the main hall.

Food bank manager Michael Nixon said about 100 people collect their food allowance from the site each day.

He said nothing was taken during the “mindless” attack but the damage is extensive.

He also said he hoped to find someone to fix the damage for free.

“I don’t think it was an act against the food bank and the work we do, its just mindless vandalism that stops us doing the work we do”, Mr Nixon said.

“We had a break-in last week with less damage done and some money was taken from a cupboard so they may have come back hoping there was going to be [more cash].

“We are just seeing what repairs need to be done so we can get open, so if anyone out there could donate a glazier for free they would be very welcome.”



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