Countryfile SHOCKER: Matt Baker told to ‘get a grip’ amid boat disaster

Gig race cox Felicity Lees snapped at the BBC presenter while facing a racing challenge against apprentices in Brightlingsea.

The 39-year-old host was competing and trying his best, but then “disaster” struck, leading to his fellow teammate falling over inside the boat.

Felicity instructed: “Longer strokes, keep the boat steady. Come on Matt, come on. You’re not tired yet,” prompting Matt to protest: “I beg to differ.” 

She continued: “We’re gaining. We’re gaining some ground now! Keep the boat flat, all together. Come on Matt, get a grip!

Making a subtle dig, Matt quipped: “Nothing like a motivating cox.”

Guiding the boat along, Felicity added some more encouraging words, continuing: “Come on, keep going. Dig deep.”

Excited, Matt said: “Half way, and we’re closing fast. Okay, now’s the time. Here we go. I can hear them breathing.”

Apprentice Josie then began to struggle as her oar became stuck in the water, leading Felicity to bark: “Josie get in the water, come on! Together!”

Matt added: “With the end in sight, we’re gaining on them, but then disaster strikes. Josie loses an oar.

“It could have happened to any of us, but it means the race is lost as our opposition cruise across the finish line.”

He cheerfully added: “Although, it’s the taking part that counts.”

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