EastEnders spoiler: The week the Brannings have been dreading as Abi's life support machine is switched off

Whitney asks Sonia if she has any idea of what has been happening at Tiffany’s home. Whitney decides to sneak off to Milton Keynes to find out more for herself, Tiffany chases after her and nearly gets run over.

Whit tells Tiff she can stay. Masood asks to move in with Mariam and Arshad. He has lied to them, telling them he’s working at an estate agents, so they’ve kitted him out with a suit and briefcase. He’ll look very smart doing washing up and working behind the bar in the Vic, then.

Mas is all dressed up in a suit for what his aunt and uncle think is his job at the estate agents
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Dot returns to see the laundrette has re-opened.

Lauren tells her dad that he is needed at the hospital, but instead he turns his attention to fixing up the flatpack cot for Abi’s daughter. But then when Jack and Dot arrive, he is overcome with grief and smashes it up. Can anyone comfort him?

Lauren wants Max to come to the hospital – He’s assembling the cot for Abi
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Today is the day the Brannings have been dreading as the hospital will be turning off Abi’s life support. Max is struck by the realisation that if it wasn’t for him, his daughter would still be alive today. Lauren struggles to cope with her loss, too.

Tiffany finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Masood Ahmed
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We had a chat with Nitin Ganatra (who plays Masood) about his character’s return

Has Masood changed since he has been away?

He has travelled the world but comes back broke. He sets up a big lie that he’s doing really well. He can’t go home because he’s given his aunt and uncle his house and he’s getting rent money from them.

Tell us about his family

They’re very funny. Mariam calling me Muno, as my parents do at home – it like calling someone junior, or baby of the family.

What’s coming up for Masood?

He going to be very flirty with Kathy Beale. He is actually a player with the ladies!



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