Fenty Beauty fans are accusing Kylie Jenner of copying Rihanna with her release of 30 shades of concealer

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Jenner’s new concealer range has been compared to Rihanna’s Fenty

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  • Kylie Jenner announced that Kylie Cosmetics will begin
    selling concealer.
  • The concealer range comes in 30 diverse
  • People on Twitter are accusing Jenner of copying
    Rihanna’s inclusive Fenty Beauty line.
  • Others are just glad to see the trend

The release of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty made waves in the beauty
industry when it launched with an inclusive range of 40
foundation shades
— and people think that Kylie Jenner has been taking notes.

On Wednesday, Jenner revealed that Kylie Cosmetics will release its
first line of concealers this month, which will be available in
30 shades.

According to her Instagram post, the concealer will be available
in shades from “fair to deep dark.” She also described it as
lightweight and designed to give a flawless skin-line

While the announcement of
Fenty Beauty
was met with resounding praise for its
, Kylie Cosmetics is facing accusations of copying
Fenty’s huge range of shades from people on Twitter.

Meanwhile, others are just glad to see more brands catering to a
wide array of skin tones, whether the success of Fenty Beauty was
the catalyst or not.

The new line of Kylie Cosmetics concealers will be released
online on December 13, when we’ll find out if Jenner’s attempt to
break into the world of diverse shade ranges is as influential as Rihanna’s.

INSIDER has reached out to Kylie Cosmetics for comment.

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