Furious pro-Trump and pro-Brexit protesters attempt citizen's arrest on Sadiq Khan over 'not welcome in UK' tweet

The Mayor of London’s key note speech to a conference was bizarrely interrupted by Donald Trump supporters this morning – who wanted to ARREST him.

Sadiq Khan had posted a statement on Twitter on Friday in which he stated at President Donald Trump was “not welcome” to visit the UK.

The President had planned to visit London to open the new US Embassy, but cancelled the trip earlier this week, angry that the “red carpet treatment” wouldn’t be rolled out.

But today at the Fabian Society conference, Sadiq Khan was faced with a group of pro-Trump protesters, who voiced their anger at his statement as he was about to begin his speech.

The protesters wanted to make a citizen’s arrest
(Image: Reuters)
Protesters were angry with Mr Khan’s views about Donald Trump
(Image: Reuters)

In a video posted to social media, one can be heard to say the small group wanted to make a “non-violent, peaceful citizen’s arrest”.

The group said they had paid for a ticket for the event, and accused the Fabian Society and Mr Khan of “subverting” the constitution.

Mr Khan appeared calm during the incident, instead flicking through a newspaper until the police arrived to take the demonstrators away.

Sadiq Khan was about to start his speech
(Image: Reuters)
Protesters were escorted out by the police
(Image: Reuters)

The demonstration was apparently staged by a far-right group calling itself the White Pendragons, accusing Mr Khan of going beyond his role into “state affairs” and that his job is to “clean up London”.

A bald member of the group held up a United States flag the wrong way round to make his point, while another said: “We want Brexit and we want Trump.”

Sky News political correspondent Laura Bundock reported that the group said they were “heading off to the pub afterwards”.



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