INSIDER is hiring a paid lifestyle writing intern

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INSIDER writers get to try lots of foods — and write
about it!


INSIDER is hiring a paid lifestyle intern for its website.

The ideal candidate is a clear writer who is obsessed with
all things related to lifestyle, including food, travel,
celebrities, entertainment, health, and more.

This person is a strong and versatile writer who will
specialize in general interest slideshows and visual features.
xpect to write about everything from what
celebrities look like without makeup
optical illusions that stumped the internet
the rudest cities in America
. Writers are also encouraged to
try new things like
eating like a celebrity
or tasting
different types of wine,
and write about it.

This job offers an opportunity to someone who loves to tell
stories in a fun and visual way.  

We’re looking for the following: 

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Passion for and familiarity with a range of lifestyle
    subjects, including celebrities and entertainment; optical
    illusions, brain teasers and Photoshop scandals; health and
    fitness; food; travel; relationships and general wellness; and
  • Ability to be creative and package stories in exciting ways,
    and work at a fast pace
  • A journalism background

Our interns are an integral part of our
team. We seek out self-starters and people who are enthusiastic
about collaborating with reporters, producers, social media
editors, and other team members.

At INSIDER, our motto is “Life is an adventure.” We tell
stories for, about, and by people who seize life. That means they
love to travel, try new foods, listen to new music, and
fight for what’s right — and they admire people who do the
same. INSIDER is distributed across social media,
including FacebookTwitterInstagram, Snapchat, and YouTube , as
well as on the web.

position is
at our headquarters in New York City.

internship starts in early 2018, and
 will run for six months.

 are encouraged to work
full-time (40 hours a week) if their schedule allows.

with a resume and cover letter.

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