Michael Pattemore cries as he recalls '18 months of grief' since Lynda Bellingham passed

The 61-year-old has been involved in a legal dispute with Lynda’s sons Michael and Robbie after the pair felt they were not being treated fairly in regards to her will.

As the argument has finally been resolved, Michael appeared on This Morning to tell Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about how the confrontation has taken a toll on his life. 

He explained: “I’ve had 18 months of hell. I went to do a charity gig and two women came up to me and spat in my face.

“When Linda died she was £50,000 in debt and that’s a fact, but we had properties worth more than £7million.

“What the boys never told the nation was that in my will, they got left the first million plus a share of the properties after that. 

“Their first email to my lawyer was that mum would have wanted a roof over their heads – I gave them one. 

“She specifically wanted that I leave them the first million and then divide the money between our four remaining children,” Michael added. 

He recalled that the difficulty came as the pair’s wealth was split 50-50 between them, and the boys felt they didn’t get a fair share of their mother’s wealth.  

However, Michael broke down as he explained that he felt Lynda’s memory was being forgotten throughout this debut. 

“It has hurt – 18 months of grief, I’ve had. There’s a lady who died and that’s the one person we forget about.

“I’ve been dragged into this; I would have looked after the boys and I mean that from the bottom of heart. 

“I think they’ve been stupid – we could have sorted something out,” Michael admitted. 

His appearance on This Morning comes after he revealed to the Sunday Mirror that he is in a relationship again.

Speaking about his new partner Pam, he said “She’s a lovely person, full of sunshine and happiness. She never seems to be down. That’s been such tonic for me. We have lots of laughs together.”

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