Sturgeon Government accused of ‘misusing taxpayer's cash’ over videos celebrating SNP rule

The short videos feature SNP ministers and shots of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as they laud the successes of the last decade.

But opposition ministers have hit out at the clips, implying it is improper for the Scottish Government to use its position to celebrate SNP policy initiatives in the run-up to the General Election.

Scottish Labour’s James Kelly said: “This appears to be a flagrant misuse of taxpayers’ money to promote the SNP’s decade of division.

“People have a right to expect their government to act properly, particularly in a General Election period – and the Scottish Government should explain who authorised these videos to be made and why.

“The truth is, after a decade of SNP government, NHS waiting times are up, the standard of reading and writing in our schools is down and the gap between the richest and the rest remains as stubborn as ever.

“For the last ten years, the SNP has done nothing except focus on dividing our country and forcing through an unwanted and divisive second independence referendum.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “This material focuses on the Scottish Government’s achievements in devolved responsibilities during the last ten years and is entirely factual.

“It is legitimate Scottish Government business and is entirely consistent with the pre-election guidance.”

It comes as Nicola Sturgeon’s dreams of an independent Scotland appear to hit the buffers with support for cutting ties with Westminster among voters remaining static from the referendum.

A YouGov poll found support amongst voters for Scotland breaking away from the UK had remained completely unchanged from 2014, with 55 per cent supporting the union.

The survey of 1,032 Scottish voters also saw a marginal rise in support for all three of the main political parties in Scotland.

And Scottish nationalists were dealt another at the launch of the Conservative manifesto with Theresa May confirming she would block a second independence referendum if there was not “public consent” for a re-run.



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