The director who took over 'Deadpool 2' talks about living up to the first movie's success

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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in the teaser for the

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Director David Leitch is known best right now for being half of
the team that created the surprise hit, “John Wick,” but expect
to hear his name more for the next year.

The stuntman-turned-director has two major movies coming up:
first is the Charlize Theron Cold War spy movie, “Atomic Blonde”
(opening July 28), then he’ll follow that with the highly
anticipated “Deadpool 2,” the sequel to the box office hit from
2016 that starred Ryan Reynolds playing the unique Marvel

Leitch took on the second Deadpool movie after the director of
the original, Tim Miller, left last October over “creative
” Currently shooting “Deadpool 2,” Leitch said
he’s trying to keep focused and not get caught up in the hype
around the project.

“You can’t deny the expectation,” Leitch told Business Insider,
while doing press for the release of “Atomic Blonde,” when asked
if he feels any pressure to deliver as big or bigger than the
first movie. “There’s such an incredibly passionate following,
which I’m grateful for to be involved in it. But at the end of
the day, I’ve been working on films for 20 years, we’re in the
creative process right now and I’m just focused on that. It feels
like we know what to deliver. Ryan knows Deadpool like the back
of his hand and we’re in a really good place.”

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Miller’s departure from the sequel was reportedly due to him not
seeing eye-to-eye with Reynolds about the scope of the project.
Miller wanted to go bigger with story and ideas while Reynolds,
along with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, wanted to
stay close to the original’s $60 million budget and have lots of
raunchy material.

The original earned the biggest box office opening ever for an
R-rated movie with $132.4 million and a worldwide box office
total of $783.1 million.
With Reynolds as the face of the franchise, the success or
failure of the sequel is placed on his shoulders.

But that’s what’s impressed Leitch the most since coming on
board, how connected Reynolds is to the demented persona of the
“Merc With A Mouth.”

“He was made for this role and the character is made for him,”
said Leitch of Reynolds as Deadpool. “They are one, let’s say it
that way.”

“Deadpool 2” will open in theaters on June 1, 2018.



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