The 'father of the iPod' has designed a new kind of mechanical watch

Ressence Type 2 e Crown Concept 3
Type 2 e-Crown sits perfectly on the wrist thanks to its slim


  • The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown concept pairs a mechanical
    watch to a phone. 
  • It allows the user to set the time and change
    time-zones with a tap of the watch glass. 
  • The design of the e-Crown was contributed to by former
    Apple designer and founder of Nest Tony Fadell, considered one
    of the “fathers
    of the iPod
  • No pricing has been revealed for the watch yet as it is
    still a concept model. 

Ressence’s new watch has combined the latest tech with a
mechanical watch movement to enable the user to set it by simply
tapping the glass,
according to wristwatch website Hodinkee

Its latest concept watch, the Type 2 e-Crown, was in part
designed by ex-Apply designer Tony Fadell and connects wirelessly
to a phone. This means it can be set to two different time-zones
and be set to the correct time instantly after it has

Ressence has a long line of innovations in the watchmaking world,
from an oiled filled
to their ROCS display

The Type 2 e-Crown will be officially unveiled at the watch fair
in Geneva, SIHH 2018, where Ressence will be exhibiting alongside
the big watch brands such as Jaeger LeCoultre and Tag

The e-Crown technology sits between Ressence’s special ROCS
module and the traditional mechanical movement. It is powered by
both wrist movement and also solar panels hidden behind the dial,
with all of the components meeting aerospace or medical

Ressence e Crown architectureRessence

Mechanical watches need to be moved constantly, otherwise they
will stop ticking. But the e-Crown can instantly reset itself to
the correct time, even if it hasn’t been worn in months.

Ressence is not the only brand to be squeezing tech into
traditional watch making, with Tissot’s T-Touch range and
Breitling’s Emergency both bringing outdoors technology into a



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