These are the four faces children show when they don't like their Christmas presents

If you’ve ever bought one of your kids a Christmas present and wondered whether they really liked it, this video should help tell.

Children dressed as CEOs and scientists explaining the importance of giving decent gifts at Christmas and how adults can recognise a bad one.

Lily the ‘Face specialist’ dressed in a white lab coat explains the four faces pulled in response to bad children’s gifts .

These can be grouped into several categories, including: disappointing – represented by ‘The Swallowed Smile’ and uber disappointing – represented by ‘The Face Palm of Failure.’

Lilly then explains how the embarrassing presents are represented by ‘The Fly Catcher’ face and
inappropriate presents are communicated with the ‘The Wide Eyed WTF?’

Embarrassing presents can be represented by ‘The Fly Catcher’ face
Uber disappointing presents are represented by ‘The Face Palm of Failure’

“There are hours of candid videos online revealing the brutally honest reactions from kids when they receive a gift they don’t want, or are confused by,” said Dr Rachel Andrew, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Time Psychology Ltd.

“The interests of the younger generation are also changing, making it even more difficult to know what to get them.”

Inappropriate presents are communicated with the ‘The Wide Eyed WTF?’
While disappointing presents are represented by ‘The Swallowed Smile’

An estimated £700 million a year is spent on unwanted Christmas gifts, the majority of which is spent on 5-16 year olds.

That’s according to Code Kingdoms, an online platform where kids can learn how to write computer code using their favourite games, that came up with the four faces idea.

“The kind of gifts that kids want are changing, and more than ever before we’re finding that they’re interested in reading books or taking up music, and taking an active interest in technology-focused gifts that enable learning,” said Ross Targett, Co-Founder and CEO.



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