These photos of a man's swollen, sunburned head will remind you wear sunscreen — even in the winter

dent is because of a sunburn.

Huckabky/ Twitter

  • Twitter user Cade Huckaby posted photos of his
    sunburned head.
  • The photos show Huckaby poking his forehead, and
    leaving a shocking finger-sized imprint.
  • Huckaby told INSIDER that although he finds the
    internet’s reaction to his photos funny, he hopes people won’t
    skimp on the sunscreen.

Getting sunburned isn’t something that typically comes to mind in
the winter time — but it’s definitely a concern for
Cade Huckaby

On Monday, Huckaby posted
four photos on Twitter
of his bald and extremely sunburned
head. The pictures, which show Huckaby poking his forehead and
leaving a deep indent, have since gone viral.

One time I shaved my head, got severely sunburned, &
swelled up just a little bit,” Huckaby wrote in the

The Tweet currently has more than 300,000 likes and almost
100,000 retweets. Some people replied to the tweet with concern
for Huckaby, while others shared their own experience with

“I really feel for you dude, this is day 4 of sun poising
when I finally could open one eye,” Twitter user ashlie5sos

Twitter user ahmilyahmily simply wrote, “same.” 

Still, a few Twitter users responded with lighthearted jokes and
photos regarding the indent.  

Huckaby told INSIDER in an e-mail that he finds most of the
reactions online hilarious. 

I keep getting compared to other big-headed people and
characters, and it’s so funny to see what people will come up
with next,” he said. “Some close friends of mine have asked if
I’m embarrassed at all about it, but I think it’s just

He said that he got the sunburn five to six months ago
while mowing a field. Huckaby wrote on Twitter that he shaved his
head because he wanted to see “what he would look like at

“This was my first time ever getting burned even nearly
this bad,” he told INSIDER. “I believe it’s because my scalp had
basically never seen [the] sun before it got so

Huckaby hopes that even though people are laughing at these
pictures, they will take wearing sunscreen and protective
clothing seriously. Although
high SPF products
won’t necessarily give you more protection,
you should still be wearing sunscreen —
even in the wintertime
. Huckaby also want’s people to know
that he has made a full recovery, and won’t make his
non-sunscreen mistake again. 

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