This interactive graphic shows the areas of the UK where Brexit could hit hardest

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LONDON — Brexit is undeniably one of the biggest events in recent
British history.

Over the course of the next few years the UK’s entire
relationship with the rest of Europe is likely to be totally

Nowhere is that more true than in British industry, where firms
are almost certain to have to adjust to life outside the European
Single Market and to an entirely new trading relationship with
what is for most industries, their biggest trading partner.

Monday, the Office for National Statistics dropped a whole heap
of data
about the British industries that are likely to be
most impacted by Brexit, as well as where those industries are
clustered. This helps to create a reasonable picture of the parts
of the UK where Brexit could have the largest impression.

For example, one of the industries likely to suffer most at the
hands of Brexit is the UK’s motor industry.

“The auto sector is particularly reliant

trade with the

 for both export sales and imports of key
components in the production process,” the ONS notes.

“The EU accounted for 42% of UK car exports and
88% of imports in 2016. If the UK and EU were to trade under WTO
rules, cars would face a 10% tariff.”

That could spell bad news for areas like the West Midlands,
where Britain’s car industry is heavily concentrated.

Financial services are another area where the
Brexit negotiations could cause trouble, causing problems for
London, where the sector is heavily concentrated.

“Trade with EU countries is equally crucial for UK finance
companies. The UK is a net exporter of financial services, and
the EU is a significant consumer,” the ONS’ release says.

“Around £24 billion of financial
services exports
, 45% of the total, went to the EU in

Check out the data in interactive form below:



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